Sunday, July 15, 2018

Welcome to Paradise

This is the name of the movie I saw yesterday. One of my "to do things" is to watch at least one movie in a day and this I do almost everyday very religiously :)

Yessss, I am a big movie buff and I like watching movies a lot :)

There is no particular genre or language, anything which interests me I watch...

My all time favorite genre though is Rom-com's, Inspiration, Spiritual, Thriller, etc....

And my all time favorite movie list is long.......... but I will not write about it now (may be I will share it eventually as we go along)

This is for the very first time that I decided to write about the movie I saw and felt like sharing with you all. I hope you will all grace me with your valuable comments and feedback, good or bad does not matter just drop in your words.

So let me take you all on this my first time experiment of story telling with picture's and some words of my own........

The movie I chose today is about Love, Compassion, Tragedy, Unity and above all "FAITH"
It was released in 2007, and is directed by Brent Huff.

Debbie (Crystal Bernard) is a Preacher/ Pastor/ Minister at a Church in Big city of United States and has a very unorthodox approach of preaching.

Jim is not very happy and neither does he have good opinion of Debbie's way of preaching. Besides more than the church followers he is interested in the Money that comes in from them. The District Bishop decides to transfer Debbie to Paradise, a small city in Wise County, Texas, United States. And Jim breaks this news to Debbie.

Debbie informs about this new situation to her Son Hayden (Bobby Edner) and he is not at all pleased with this news and do not want to go to the small town. But then there is nothing much he can do about it, he is still studying in school.

They move to this new place which is called Paradise....

Debbie while walking down the street happens to listen to the singing of a street singer (Lou Beatty Jr.). She likes it and asks this man to come and sing at her church the following Sunday.
The man is not sure if he will be welcomed by other guests at church since he is homeless.

Hayden joins his new school and this is where his new Teacher notices something unusual about him.

Hayden has difficulty in reading, he has dyslexia.....

But that's just one part. It seems like Hayden has talent for Basketball

and the coach (William Shockley) at his school observes this, and is all help to offer him some extra pointers and guidance 

Debbie addresses her new crowd at Church in Paradise

The sermon is followed by lunch, and rich and poor, are all enjoying their meal together. There is no distinction in God's home.

Harriott (Brian Dennehy) the old man ....

... father of this beautiful lady Helen (Elizabeth Dennehy) and John (Nick Searcy) is his Son-in-law. They do not share a very good camaraderie, the Father and the Husband.

Miss Lawrence (Beth Grant) is Homeless who comes to attend church, she is touched by Debbie's kindness and during meals talks about the time when she too had her home and husband.

Debbie offers Miss Lawrence shelter at church, as it is raining hard...

The church where Miss Lawrence took shelter can be seen here, burning down to ashes.

The news travels fast in small towns and all are disturbed by this event.
As if this was not enough, it is found that the insurance on the church building had expired long back and now there are not enough funds to re-construct the new building.

A patron offers a part of land close to her place for the church to continue.

Yes this is a Barn.... and with this comes a ray of hope. And with it comes the twist in the story, the church must be built in a single day.... why and who says this??? Let it remain a mystery for now ;)

Patsy Nellis (Connie Ray) is hoping and praying for a Miracle to happen...

All people of the town come together and are trying to make the miracle happen. The miracle called ..

If this story and the picture so far has interested you and if you have reached till this point reading this post, then I strongly suggest you to watch this movie, and see for yourself a beautiful story unfolding it self .

I hope you will enjoy the movie, keep popcorn and some tissues handy.... and do not forget to share your thoughts about this movie.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My Friend's dilemma....

Recently a very old friend of mine who I know since my childhood met me after a long time. He stayed with me for few days. It was good to be with him. There is something special about meeting the ones whom you know since very long and care for :)

Since we met after so long there was too much to catch upon, and we discussed a lot of things, about our other friends and their whereabouts, and not to mention the memories of those good old days, and then the about the recent activities and developments, work, finance and life.

It was good to know that he is doing well at work front and also finances are pretty okay, but something in his personal life was not very pleasing.

He talked with his heart open about his personal life. He came across this very pretty and a very successful girl who also happens to be famous. They share same interests and got connected instantly. In last two years or so they have met only twice, but are in regular touch over whatsapp and email. And no, they do not talk over phone.

On talking further he revealed that every time he only initiates the chat, and she most of the time replies to them. She never took any interest in knowing anything about him, nor does she discuss anything about her personal life. If at all its only things related to her work. Also she never initiated any chats except for 3-4 occasions when she needed some opinion or inputs as far as her work was concerned.

He was confused and asked me what he should do?

I am no love-guru to give any advice yet I wanted to help, so I started asking him questions.

After few questions and answers one thing was very clear that my friend was definitely into this mysterious girl. And to my surprise he has started writing poetries as well for her, none of which he shared with me. I could see how involved he is with this girl.

Although it seemed to me more like a one-sided thing (which obviously was from my friend’s side only), and even though they are in touch and all for almost two years now, but nothing really has moved further. She is only becoming too popular and he growing fonder of her. At least both are growing in the way each one of them wants :)

He asked her several times for meetings but they could not meet as she is too busy with her work. And then he stopped asking because he did not wanted to come across as someoneo who is being very pushy.

Sometimes she did mention that she would like to meet him again, but it never happened. He even volunteered to take her to airport since she’s a frequent flier, so at least that way they may get opportunity to meet and talk and spend some time together so as to get to know each other well. But since she never travels alone so this too did not work out. 

He thought maybe she is trying to avoid him and so he asked her about it upfront, and she said that is not true and it’s just that she is terribly busy. 

To me she seems to be very ambitious, too focused and has a lot on her plate which is like more than one can handle. And under the given circumstances I won’t be surprised if they never meet at all. Time for personal indulgence and relationship is clearly not her priority.

May be it is true that she is genuinely interested in him if not as a companion but may be as a friend and yet at the same time she is not in a frame of mind to give any attention to anything else other than her work, since that for now is her only priority. 

He was really confused, whether he should continue like this or should he just give up and stop contacting her.

I am nobody to give and advise to anybody or judge anybody. I can only guide with my limited understanding from the experiences I have had.

All I managed to tell him was this.... after meeting so many girls and having met this girl and knowing them all, if you really believe that this is the only one worth all the waiting and your time, then better wait. But remeber one thing very clearly, that there is no guarantee that you will end up with each other.

I did not give him any advice, I just explained to him how the risk and reward go hand in hand. It is up to him to decide now what he wants to do, it is his life, and so will be his risks and rewards.

P.S: I do not know what I suggested to him was right or wrong, but I welcome your suggestions.....

Change is good....

Dear Friends,

September 16th, 2016….. was the day when I wrote my first post for my blog and published it. I had shared it with just one friend of mine, then.

The idea behind writing the posts on my blog was to share my learnings and experiences, thoughts and ideas. I was not even sure if anybody would read them, but to my great surprise not only some of you read it but also resonated with the posts I wrote. We got connected and what started as an experiment became my second profession ;)

You all lovely people not only read them but some of you even left your comments on my blog. And a large section of you all shared your thoughts with me on my whatsapp messenger, email, text messages and by calling me on my mobile phone.

I am very grateful to you all for your act of kindness and I want to thank you all for keeping the connection alive, which in turn helped me going, and I continued writing.

Some of you liked everything I wrote and some of you helped me improve by becoming my critics. Thank you all for your support. The journey so far has been rich and fulfilling.

It’s been a while and lot of you have been asking me why am I not on social media?

Well I am there too, now :)

Yessss.... it is only because of LOVE of you all, that I finally decided it’s time NOW for me to join the club ;)

Technology has helped many and I am sure it will bless me too with its ever expanding global connectivity.

I am sure you all too will help me as best as possible to reach out to a wider set of audience, now that me I have also became a member of your social network platform club :)
Looking forward to connect with you all of Facebook and Twitter.

My twitter handle is @amrahselin and you can connect with me on facebook

CLARITY is the KEY....

As humans we get attracted to our opposite sex, man to woman and vice versa. I guess that is why the good old saying “Opposites, Attract”

When I was in college I had a crush as most of us usually fall for, and yes I also fell in love. I wanted to marry her and have children and dreamt of a life that everyone wants. But she wanted something else from life and I did not fit into her world. I was very devastated and in pain for long. But then as they say “Nothing lasts forever” and life moves on.

Eventually I also moved on, got married and once again dreamt of building a life with this new amazing person who was then my wife. Life went on, and life was panning out the way I had planned it, at least professionally and materialistically. My business was growing, I bought a house, a car, and basic comforts that we all aspire for. Unfortunately things did not turned out to be the way we wanted (or rather I wanted) on the personal front, and then there were clashes and disagreements which led to endless arguments and life was becoming difficult for me and also for everyone around. It was not that we did not try to work it out, we both did each on our part. But I guess, that binding which needs to be there in a couple which is strong enough to keep them together was missing. We parted ways.

Back then, when this happened I used to question myself why all this happened to me. Why life is so unfair? Am I not allowed little pleasures of life? After all I did not ask for too much? Why is life so difficult for me? All that I had worked so hard for, for so many years just collapsed. Professionally I was down to almost nothing, personally I was nowhere, and financially broke. Is this what life had to offer?

I was in this phase for a very long time, as long as 4 years. It took me a lot of time of self-introspection and understanding of my true self. And when I did, I realized that life was not unfair to me, rather I was unfair to life. Life only offered me what I asked for. I realized that before I love someone else I need to first learn to love myself. I need to accept myself as I am, before anybody else can accept me for what I am. Before I decide to bring someone into my life, I need to first learn to enjoy my own company. I am my life in myself, and others are and will only be a part of my life.

One of my friend mentioned once that some people are late bloomers, I guess I am one of them. And I am grateful that even though late, at least I managed to bloom in this lifetime 

Life was never as good as it is now for me and I am enjoying every bit of it. All this happened because I took the effort to look inside me, to know and understand my true self. I have immense clarity on lot of things now and once you attain that, life is a bliss. I realized that not only am I gifted, but I am also blessed. This life is the greatest gift which I have received, and my friends, my family, my clients and all those who came by in my life are all my blessings.

One thing which I learned in this whole process is that one must have clarity in life. CLARITY is very important, CLARITY is the KEY.

When you have clarity you will know exactly what you want and where to look for. Like this girl whom I mentioned earlier, had such great clarity at such young age, that she knew precisely that however nice or good as a person I may be, I was not the one who could fit into her world. We are still friends, and my respect and admiration has only grown for her immensely. My ex-wife is an amazingly wonderful woman too. I am very proud of her and at times I quote her as an example as to how she manages all the things that she does. I respect her for what she is and the way she has evolved as a person withstanding the rough time she had and how she faced the challenges of life and came out as a winner.

A life partner or a companion is supposed to be one of the most important person and part of our life, with whom we want to spend our life growing together. But in order to find such a person, do we put enough efforts??? Let me tell you something from my own observation, which I am following ever since I had this realization.

One day after coming back home from a window shopping spree, I wondered how when I go out for shopping for anything I visit at least few shops or check out different brands/ labels before I make my purchase. When I do this, the idea is to explore various options which are available. And in doing so, I give myself the opportunity to zero in on that ONE, which meets all my expectations to the best. In doing this, sometimes I end up not buying anything at all, but then that’s fine by me. It dawned on me, that if before buying something when I do so many checks and spend time and energy in finding the best, shouldn’t I be doing the same in finding that ONE person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life?

Be it a dress or a companion, there is a perfect match for everyone. All it takes is a deep understanding of our own true self and also the clarity of knowing what (things) and who (person) will suit us best.

I do not know if I will ever get to have this ONE person in my life, whom I am looking for as my companion. But one very important thing which I know now is, “WHAT I AM NOT LOOKING FOR”.       

All I can say for myself is….I am HAPPY all by myself and I so dearly LOVE myself and my LIFE.

I guess the makers of world famous car brand ‘Mercedes-Benz’ understood this philosophy very well and hence had this tagline – ‘The BEST or NOTHING’

A dose of Inspiration....

The other day I was travelling by train to some place. I always carry a book with me when I am travelling and not driving.

On this day too I had a book with me. It was about an hour’s journey. Most of my fellow travelers were engrossed in their mobile screens with earphones on. Some were playing games, others watching movies and some listening to music. And then there were some who were sleeping and few others were just watching here and there.

During the journey lots of vendors came, all trying to sell something or the other. In order to attract attention these people usually say things loud enough about their products and promote them to all travelers around them. Anyone who is interested in the product see it, and if liked buy them.

Although I was into my book reading throughout the journey, I managed to hear them coming and going because of their loud speeches.

Just about five minutes before my stop was to come, I closed the book and looked around. And what I saw, just amazed me. There was a lady selling some sweets and toffees.

You might say so what’s so unusual about it. There was something very special about her, please continue reading……

What was very unusual about this lady was that she was not saying anything at all to sell the sweets and toffees, yet I saw some people buying them. I was a little surprised and puzzled as well. I paid attention and observed her for few moments. Soon I realized she was mute.

So how did she manage to make a sale? This is what she did.

She held the sweets and toffee bag (not a very big one, there were about half a kilogram of sweets and toffee in it) in her right hand, and walked in front of the travelers, shook and thrust the hand which held the bag containing sweets and toffes in front of their eyes and managed to take out a very feeble voice which was more like a grumble as in like Unmmmm, unmmm.

People looked at her with anger first but when they looked at her hand they understood that she were trying to sell the sweets. Some bought them, some simply ignored, and some looked away.

A sales person is usually the one who is known for his talks and use of sweet tongue, but here was this lady who without even saying anything was making the sales and a livelihood.

This lady did not allow her disability to earn a living out of pity of others, instead she used her eyes, hands and smile to compensate for what she lacked. There was only one feeling which I felt for that lady at that moment and it was, immense amount of RESPECT.

My station came and I alighted from the train, but not without buying sweets from her :)

Love and appreciation for all......

Today while looking out of my balcony as I was looking at the mountains, and this thought crossed my mind.

The rocks, the wood, the metal, the dead flower, the rotten food and many such things.... they all appear as lifeless... but are they really?

The rocks from the mountains are used to construct house in which we live, the wood is used to make furniture which we use for our comfort, the metal is used for making car which helps us travel, the dead flower turns into manure, the rotten food is food for the microscopic and sometimes macroscopic organisms.... and so on... its like there is no end to this.

These all things may not be having life in themselves but they surely make our life easy. I appreciate and acknowledge these lifeless lives and this realization has added a new perspective to me for looking at everything from a new dimension, and that new dimension is 'LOVE'.... Love for all, the living beings and the lifeless things.